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Astra-Simfoni Sdn Bhd

Established primarily to supply, maintain and market both conventional and maintenance free automotive batteries, Astra Simfoni Sdn Bhd is an ISO 9001:200 certified company registered under the Malaysian Ministry of Finance.

Green Initiative Sdn Bhd

Green Initiative specializes in providing total battery and power solutions from manufacturing all the way to waste management. Green Initiative spearheads green projects through its recycling efforts towards green environment.

Astra Manufacturing Sdn Bhd

Astra Manufacturing Sdn Bhd raises the bar for green, environmentally friendly, low carbon footprint production processes in the development of high quality conventional and maintenance free automotive battery production.


Batteries are us

Astra Group is poised to become the first and only battery-centric company in Malaysia focusing on the manufacturing, sales, marketing, waste management as well as research and development in green battery technology. Our list of clientele is a testament to the strength of our vision, the quality of our products and the sustainable value we create for our customers.


List of Clients
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Bateri Kereta - Hantar dan pasang percuma di Lembah Klang


On site auto battery delivery and free installation for the Klang Valley area. Bateriku delivers to all surrounding suburbs of Klang Valley.


What a fantastic service. You get to skip the tow truck which can cost you money. Bateriku delivers and installs new car batteries with a warranty right at the comfort of your home.

Visit bateriku.com for more information.